#Buidling better schools in Africa with cryptocurrency

Join us in Cintsa East, South Africa to make the world a slightly better place for 100 children keen to learn.

Give Freely, Receive Gracefully

Merry Merkle is now an annual event! Much wow! Especially after all the fun we had last year.

Rumi once said "Speak a new language and the world will be a new world". Well, use these new linguistic primitives we're all building to send a message of hope to somewhere that could really use it.

We will be running the online campaign from the 1 - 31st of December, 2018. There will also be an in-person gathering in Cintsa East, South Africa from the 10 - 17th December to help build a class and teach some children!

See Who You're Giving To

African Angels actively supports just over 100 children, giving them an education otherwise inaccessible in rural South Africa, as well as a safe, welcoming and nourishing environment in which to grow up to be better citizens.

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It's not just about crypto: we'll be in South Africa from the 10-17th December, building a new class for the school to accommodate the beginnings of a high school next year. We'll be reading with these incredible children, giving them basic lessons on computers, laying bricks with them, clicking our way through isiXhosa and learning more about the local culture and needs.

Everyone is getting involved too! Huge thanks to Bounties Network, Consensys and Simona Pop for organising the amazing book you see above, which we'll also be taking along with us as gifts for the children.

This campaign will accept ETH, SNT and DAI. Browse to this site with Status or install MetaMask. You will see a button and message field pop up that allows you to donate to African Angels.

If you already have Status installed, you can scan the QR code directly, but be sure to set a high enough gasLimit (50GWei for ETH and 150GWei for tokens).